RS Series

SEA-DOO® Seascooter™ RS Series Diving Propulsion Vehicle (DPV). The Lithium-Ion powered Seascooter carries some of the most exciting features in its category that will dazzle anyone in the water. The Lithium Ion battery is an ingenious engineering feat because it’s the first such battery application for recreational DPV-s. As a matter of fact, the first such kind of battery to be used for a serious – underwater propelled – vehicle, taking into mind that we’re faster than the automotive industry applying the technology. A first ever will also be that user is able to charge the battery inside the unit, but if necessary can remove it to charge outside the unit, or replace it with a fresh new battery so the fun never ends!

RS Specifications

      RS3                               RS2                                 RS1

SPECIFICATION                     SPECIFICATION                      SPECIFICATION

LION 22.2 V / 4 AH                  LION 22.2 V / 8 AH                   LION 22.2 V / 12 AH

220 W                                       350 W                                       500 W

60 mins                                     75 mins                                     90 mins

5 km/h / 3.10 mph                     6 km/h / 3.70 mph                     7 km/h / 4.35 mph

2 gears                                      3 gears                                      3 gears

3 hours recharge                       4 hours  recharge                      7 hours recharge

30 m / 98 ft                                40 m / 130 ft                              40 m / 130 ft

More Power

The RS1 battery is the most powerful, the RS2 can be upgraded by plugging in the RS1 battery and the RS3 can be upgraded by plugging in either the RS1 or RS2 battery